Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're in St. Louis!

Well, after a long night of driving, we made it! We arrived in St. Louis this morning.  This afternoon we set up our "pit" (our team's "headquarters" at the venue), and began preparing for tomorrow. We had just a brief time this afternoon to check out some of the other teams. Kayla got a kick out of meeting the team from Egypt!

Tomorrow morning we will have 2 practice runs with the robot.  These 2 runs do not count toward the official scoring, but are done with the judges, and are timed events.  So, in other words, we better make them count!  Tomorrow we will be evaluated by the judges for our oral presentation / research.  In addition we will be speaking to the judges about our software and robot design.  So, it will be a full day!

We hope to post an update tomorrow evening,  Till then, GO BOTS4HIM!

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