Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 DAYS to GO!!!!

WOW! The countdown is on! See the ticker James added to the website - the excitement is mounting... the robot runs are getting very smooth, their research presentation is perfect, they have been putting a lot of work into their boards... 1) for their research presentation - RememberBot 2) for their Pittsburgh/Team/Sponsor board and 3) for their FLL Core Values board. This was a last minute requirement that was added by FLL to help the children talk about the Core Values of FLL: gracious professionalism, discovery, teamwork, respect, sharing ideas, and most of all FUN! These are all done and they are working on practicing presenting them to the judges as well as presenting the Robot Design and Software to the judges.

What's left to do??? Practice, practice, practice, celebrate Easter, pack. That's about it!

I must admit, as a homeschooling mom, part of me looks at all they are doing and the credits and hours for school are just getting wracked up like crazy!!! Speech requirements? No problem! Science credits? Tons of them! Meeting and greeting teams from around the world? Presenting to the judges? Let's see how many requirements that meets... way too many to count!!! I'm just so thankful for this opportunity for them - yes! an opportunity of a lifetime!!! Thanks to all of you who had a hand in helping them go!

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