Thursday, January 13, 2011

What needs done?

Well, our Christmas/New Year's break is over and we are getting back into the swing of Robotics... So what needs done in order for us to get to St. Louis? Well our to do list goes something like this...

- clean and dust off field setup table - lots of dust bunnies and other miscellany have collected since Dec. 4th! CHECK!
- recover programming prior to competition day changes - love those backups!
- take video of robot completing the missions for blog
- brainstorm how to accomplish the two missions we skipped for the Dec. 4th competition
- streamline existing programming to find time to add those two missions - when everything goes well, we only have 15 seconds left right now.
- continue to work on robot consistency and repeatability
- dust off our presentation and revamp it to provide judges with more information on our research idea
- take video of our presentation skit for blog
- and probably a hundred other things we haven't thought of yet!

While I type this I'm hearing shouts of excitement and success as they run the robot for the first time since December 4th in our basement ( I on purpose made them take a break to decompress after the Competition ). All four of them came running up shouting "Perfect Run!!!!! Perfect Run!!!! The First Time!!!!" with lots of high fives and amazement! When will they get it that they really are great at this! They shouldn't be so surprised!

Well, Coach Mama off to take a video of the robot for the blog. CHECK!

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