Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Competition Day!

WOW! There is absolutely nothing to compare to Competition Day! See the Time Lapse Video of the 2008 Competition Day here - this will give you a flavor of the "organized chaos" of Game Day!

Even though we are ready as a Team, our nerves are running high and we are anxious to begin! We arrived at the National Robotics Institute at 7:30am and went to our Pit table to set up our laptop and get organized. We ran some practice runs with our Robot on the practice tables and waited for our first official Robot run at 9:43am. And those two hours FLEW! The whole day FLEW! Here is what our schedule looked like:

9:43am - 1st Robot run - scored 230 (at home we have scored as high as 365 out of 400)
9:50 - Meet with Software Judges
10:00 - Research Presentation to Judges
10:40 - Meet with Hardware Judges
11:43 - 2nd Robot run - scored 275
We used this time to eat lunch, do practice runs to correct the missions our robot wasn't getting, and we had 2nd interviews with both the Software Judges and the Hardware Judges (good sign they liked our Robot and our programming!)
1:40pm - 3rd Robot run - scored 305
4pm - Awards Ceremony

We were very excited when they awarded BOTS4HIM! 2nd Place in Robot Performance (how the Robot performed the Missions) and amazingly, to our shock and surprise, we were awarded the Overall Champion's Award - 1st Place overall! The first time a Rookie team has ever won this high honor in the history of the Pittsburgh Competition. WOW!!!! With this award comes an invitation to the World Festival in St. Louis, MO April 27th - 30th! We were so jazzed! What an honor!

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