Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Presentation Video - Kinda... and update...

Yes! We have the video of the presentation completed... but with technical difficulties. James' computer isn't wanting to format the video to get it online... so be patient we are working it... keep checking back...

On another front, we are brainstorming the order of our missions in order to find the time we need - to add the two missions we did not complete in the Pittsburgh competition.

Why didn't we complete those missions? Well, to make a long story short, we were a rookie team and I kept our goals somewhat challenging but achievable. We just kept adding missions as we went along. My main goal as a coach was for the kids to learn how to work as a team (being from the same family didn't make us an instant team! we did need to work at that!), to have fun and to spark a love of robotics (ie science and technology in disguise!).

Now, knowing how amazingly capable these kids are at their robotics I would have pushed them maybe a little harder and had them brainstorm how to accomplish all the missions from the start. But I didn't know that then!

So, we have a dilemma... the kids want to shoot for a 400 score (right now we get 365 on a perfect run). To get that perfect 400, they will have to dismantle the current run they have, reorganize it, find extra time, and add those two missed missions which most likely means making changes to the robot as well. Hmmm... tear apart what is working... what are we thinking? They're all saying YEAH! Let's go for it!

So, off we go to do just that! These kids are crazy! GO BOTS4HIM!

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